The Abdominal Panniculectomy Vs Tummy Tuck

A panniculectomy is a really close cousin to a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. The term pannus refers to a huge apron of skin and fat that hangs more than the waistline. The abdominal panniculectomy, surgical removal of a pannus, is a somewhat historic term now as it genuinely refers to the pre-bariatric surgery era when obese folks had a huge pannus that hung down.

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At that time, lots of abdominal panniculectomy procedures had been completed to relieve the healthcare symptoms that the pannus brought on. Particularly, skin irritations and rashes (recognized as panniculitis) resulted from the usually present moisture and heat in the underlying skin fold. In some circumstances, the size of the pannus and its quantity of overhang truly reduce off some of the blood provide and lymphatic outflow resulting in swelling and infection. Surgically removing the pannus was popular then but the complication price was higher due to the patient’s obesity. Right now, surgical removal of any abdominal overhang would await weight loss by means of bariatic surgery.

The abdominal panniculectomy refers to merely cutting off the pannus. This is diverse than a correct tummy tuck in that the skin edges are not as undermined, no muscle tissues are tightened, and no places are treated by liposuction. It is merely an amputation of what ever overhangs the waistline. In the obese patient, this pannus may well have considerable weight anyplace from 30 lbs or greater. (the biggest I have removed was 96 lbs) In today’s bariatric patient, the pannus may well weigh only from 5lbs. to 10 lbs due to the prior weight loss.

In the historic obese patient, there was a substantial improvement in the patient’s high quality of life as the skin and infectious symptoms that it brought on had been eliminated as properly as the weight removal enhanced back and knee discomfort. Due to the fact of the relief of healthcare symptoms, the abdominal panniculectomy was frequently covered by insurance coverage. Because the panniculectomy process in the bariatric surgery patient right now weighs significantly significantly less and frequently only includes improvement of an undesired contour, it is frequently named cosmetic by one’s well being insurance coverage. To be regarded as medically eligible for insurance coverage coverage, there has to be really certain criteria that are met and a documented trail of healthcare records that substantiate symptoms connected to the pannus. Normally occasions even with strong healthcare proof, it will be denied coverage.

Most straightforward abdominal panniculectomy procedures are largely completed in guys. Guys never have to have muscle tightening and a straightforward skin overhang removal is frequently sufficient. Girls generally need a correct tummy tuck to get the abdominal contour that they want.